Arbequina 1000 LATAS limited edition. The only variety in full bloom

Arbequina olive oil, the flower of the oils

Originally from Palestine and renamed after its introduction in Spain as Arbequina. Small round fruit is characterized by its magnificent fragrance, its very moderate bitterness and its velvety smoothness. By the sweet taste of apple, grassy, with hints of almond and artichoke … However, it is probably the least stable variety, more volatile and loses its organoleptic qualities more quickly due to its fineness. The Arbequina has a high content of linoleic acid and oxidation that is probably the fastest of all varieties, resulting on the tin the best way to preserve it.arbequina_mallorca_moix_1000latasMoix Arbequina Limited Edition, is a challenge that seeks to keep that flower in top condition as long as possible, making it one of the most exclusive oils. We aim to offer the most fresh Arbequina to the market. We commercialize this variety at its best, only during the 6 months after its production, we pack gradually according to the demand and always keep it at low temperatures, avoiding at the most the oxidation process and thus achieving that during its short life it is at full splendor.
That is why we can say that our Arbequina 1000 LATAS Limited EditioN, is the most fresh and full of the market.
Available at major Gourmet retailers of Mallorca.