Extra virgin olive oil from Spain in the United States by the hand of Mallorca

The olive oil is promoted in the United States by the hand of the Mallorcan tennis player Rafael Nadal.


Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is being strongly promoted in the United States claiming the rightful place that belongs to it in a market with as much potential as that.

Firstly, the Mallorcan Rafael Nadal has been selected as the image of this campaign under the motto «Born in Spain, admired in the world». Nadal started the promotion in New York prior to the beginning of the US OPEN Flushing Meadows at the showcooking «Taste of tennis» together with the cook Marcus Samuelsson.


Subsequently several publicity actions have been initiated in different media among which it is necessary to emphasize the multimedia action in Times Square (New York).


The United States is a vital market with 300 million consumers, where olive oil represents only the 2% of the fats and oils consumed there. However, the consumption of AOVE especially the so-called «Premium», increases.