Mallorcan dried figs

Figues seques: dried figs with anise and aromatic herbs. The new product by Moix that pays tribute to the most traditional Mallorca.

Figs, strongly linked to Mediterranean culture, are present in multiple combinations in the kitchen since the most ancient civilizations. Soft skin fruits with honeyed pulp that have always been highly valued for the richness of their nutrients and for the versatility of their pairings.

Mallorquine getrocknete Feigen

The dried figs or forneres, a Mallorcan recipe deeply rooted in our gastronomy, are a good choice to keep the dried figs tender and ‘juicy’ throughout the year. Typically the ingredients are dried figs, liqueurs, aromatic herbs and fruits.

The memories of the flavous of yesteryear motivates clients and friends to encourage the MOIX company, specialized in fig derivatives, to recover the product. From that moment on, they delve into the history and research of the figues seques and gastronomic archeology allows them to discover their most authentic essence. On this trip comes across chef Joan Marc, an exponent of Mallorcan cuisine and of the 0 KM product, who manages to reproduce the searched recipe. The result takes us to the richness and contrast of one of the most genuine flavours of the island.

Mallorcan dried figs