Best Mallorca Olive Oil


One of the first commissions I received since I worked for MOIX, was to celebrate our first blind tasting, MALLORCA EVOO, with our three olive oils, 7 more oils from DO Oli de Mallorca, 1 from Lleida and 2 Andalusians. All of them considered Premium (500ml formats with a value between € 12 and € 18) of course all of them from the same 2015-2016 campaign.

The tasting was attended by good friends, some of them professionals from the world of wine and gastronomy such as Ágata M. de Sinaloa, Rosa Poveda, Huff Silken, Alex Martinez and Axel Alconchel. In total we were 10 people who valued the 13 oils blindly and anonymously.

The 3 oils from Moix were in the first, second and fifth position. We knew it had been a great harvest but we also knew that it had been for the other brands. The surprise was great because in the tasting we included the one considered, by the more than doubtful rankings of medals, as the best olive oil in the world.

bestes Olivenöl Mallorca

All our guests loved our Mallorcan variety, the one that won the contest. MOIX, the best oil of Mallorca 2016, is one of the few producers that harvests, packs and markets the Mallorcan variety. Far from what some suggest, all the varieties especially those received by DO produce authentic Mallorcan oils, although it is true that the variety Mallorquina is probably, as far as harvested and kilograms obtained, one of the most exclusive on the planet and It has much merit to invest in a mono variety of these characteristics.


I will not detail the ranking although I could send it privately to whoever requests it on our contact form.

Sergio Potro to MOIX