Balearic rice

The best paella in Mallorca? As in Ibiza, Formentera and Minorca?

Very subjective and no exact science to always throw the same result.
What concerns us here is rather the rice. Here you have a list made by Andoni Sarriegi for Manjaria.


Ca’n Carrossa. Nou, 28. Lloseta.
T 971 514 023

Joan Abrines is one of the few chefs who still follows the rescue of ancestral recipes Mallorca. In the cellar of Lloseta, who runs since 1982, offers traditional rice dishes, like this with muraena and sobrasada. Partially with the classic Mediterranean-based sauce of leek, garlic, bay leaf and tomato. Besides, make a fish stock with the head and tail of the muraena. Add to the sauce some pinches of sobrasada, ingredient that seasons and colours. Pour with fish broth, bring to a boil and pour the rice. After five minutes, placed atop the slices of muraena. Finish with a refreshing chopped garlic, parsley and mint. This sticky rice goes well with some mushrooms, peas or a quarter-artichoke.


Can Mito.
Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 1 (Portixol). Palma.
T 971 455 786

The Menorcan Llorenç Bagur eats raw shrimp bites and triumphs in Palma with ancient recipes of the island as oliaigo (or stew of the poor), the endive raoles, the mountain rice and paellas or monkfish mullet, shrimp and artichokes. Since 2003 runs Can Mito, which this summer moved to the best spot in Portixol. There only seasonally, serves this powerful sea-and-mountain rice. Starts the paella with sofrito of rabbit and langosta, green pepper, garlic and tomato. Pours roquer fish broth, with artichoke, flavours with saffron and strengthens the whole with juice and minced meat-based on the crustacean coral and the rodent liver.


Av. Mateo Bosch, 18. Port d’Andratx.
T 971 671 617

Manolo Espinosa, with over 20 years in the house, takes over as chef of Miramar replacing Juan Millán, who was a whopping 46, authentic Guinness record. Viewing the fishermen from Port d’Andratx, restaurateur Juan San Juan offers marinated sardines, black rice with cuttlefish, lobster flambéed with brandy or stew, casseroles, fish … And this rice with fresh potera squid. Starts with garlic, onion, pepper and tomato. Apart, fry the squid with garlic. Mix everything in the paella pan, through the bomb rice of Calasparra and pour the gerret broth (caramel), unbeatable fish stock. It is flavoured with saffron and the classic chopped garlic and parsley. End in the oven furnace to leave it dry but creamy.


Sa Roqueta.
Sirena, 11 (Portixol). Palma.
T 971 249 410

From fishermen and fishmonger origins, Toni Serapio is the best client of his restaurant, Sa Roqueta, which seduces the local audience with maritime pots, traditional rices and baked fish. For this paella mulata, start sautéing sepia, squid, chopped lobster (head and all), shrimp and tomato ramellet. Remove the shellfish and fry the bomba rice. Add powder paprika and the chopped fried monkfish liver, ñora, garlic and parsley. Quickly pour with the broth made with the anglerfish head and two teaspoons of cuttlefish ink to give the mulatto tone. When it starts the boil again add the lobster, cook for 13 minutes, add the prawns we had apart and for a quick moment into the oven.


Sa Sínia.
Pescadors, s/n. Portocolom.
T 971 824 323

Juan Antonio Ramon Santiago and the cook Juani, keep alive this sailor celler of Portocolom opened 41 years ago. Retains an old port inn flavour, and serves this thick boat rice. First, broth, made with rockfish and anglerfish head. Starts sautéing in oil the prawns and some hermit crabs (with its anemone). Follows the green pepper and anglerfish dice. And it ends with sepia, chopped and sauteed in advance with a little tomato. Then sautee the rice (bomba, Sa Pobla. Pour in the fish stock and saffron and add chopped garlic, parsley and ñora. When the rice is almost ready, place on top the mussels and clams.


Casa Manolo.
Pl. Sant Bartomeu, 2. Ses Salines.
T 971 649 130

Ses Salines is on the map thanks to the bodega of Manolo Barahona, which his father founded in 1945. Juan (third generation) is in the kitchen. For this rice between thick and loose, prepare a sauce with fried garlic, onion and tomato, roquer fish and rainwater. At boil, remove the pan from fire, let it sit 20 minutes and squeeze the fish. Back to the sauce, pour it in a deep pan, fry in the sepia, the cornets (sea snails), and hermit crabs figues. Add the fish stock and simmer for 20 minutes. Follows the rice (bomba, Sa Pobla) more saffron and squid ink. In the end, chopped lobster. When Felipe and Letizia unexpectedly showed up to eat, Manolo protested, “Your Majesty, you should have warned us!”.


Las Olas.
Pº Es Traves, s/n (ed. Torremar). Port de Sóller.
T 971 632 515

At the age of 16, Joan Vicens, patron-cook of Las Olas, won the 1st Championship of Rices of Mallorca. For the Marinera rice, broth, use a morralla Fumet plus a pinch of paprika and a mirepoix (miniature chopped) onion, leek and tomato. Don’t cook for more than 20 minutes. Let’s start: first, a fry the squid, green pepper, garlic, leek, parsley and tomato. Pour the fish stock and when boiling, add the rice with a few peas and butter beans (garrofó). At half cooked, artichokes. Shortly before the end, diced monkfish, shrimp and snow peas. As a finishing touch, steamed open mussels with a glass of white wine (use cooking broth). Once on the soup pot, a shot of Pernod.


Café Balear.
Pla de Sant Joan, 5. Ciutadella (Menorca).
T 971 380 005

There are establishments without which the daily life of a town or a city would not be what it is. And the Café Balear, founded in 1970, is one of the institutions of Ciutadella. Chef José Luis Ruesca tells one of his famous rice stews. In a clay casserole, sauté briefly crayfish and prawns. In the same oil, add saffron, pepper and garlic. Then add a sauce prepared in advance with garlic, green pepper, parsley and tomato and fumet made with the head of a monkfish, onion, tomato and green pepper. Bring to a boil, pour the rice and dice anglerfish. Return to the pan crayfish and prawns, and let everything simmer 12 to 15 minutes. It’s that simple.


Sa Nansa.
Av. 8 de Agosto, 27. Ibiza capital.
T 971 318 750

In this restaurant nearby Pacha, Pedro Tur pays tribute to the bestiary of the pitiusas waters: red shrimp, espardenya, rock fish, lobster, squid … In the kitchen, Ricardo Mertens prepares a superb bullit of peix. On the one hand, slow fried sepia, red pepper and tomato; secondly, fish broth. Mix the sauce with this fish stock, add paprika, put a pinch of salt and bring to a boil. Add fish: scorpionfish, San Pedro, spider, monkfish and other species of hard flesh. Boil for 10 minutes, so you get a concentrated broth. The fish is served first with potatoes and green beans, washed down with a little aioli lowered with fish stock. Second, rice cooked in fish broth.


Pequeña Isla.
Avda El Pilar, 111. La Mola (Formentera).
T 971 327 068

Joan Tur and Toni Mayans have turned this inn into the best location to enjoy the cuisine of Formentera: pickled gerret (caramel), squid a la bruta (sauteed in ink with sausages and potato), fried octopus or pigeons of corral, sofrit pagès (with different meats, potatoes and sobrasada), ‘fava pelada’ (mashed dried beans), cooked pork bones …  to make this rice, in a deep casserole, first sauté codfish and place apart. In the same oil, fry the cauliflower (pinya de col), squid and pepper. Wet with the fish broth and bring to a boil. When the rice is cooked, add a chopped ñora, garlic and parsley. Five minutes before turning off,  bring the cod back to the casserole.


Joan Marc Restaurant. Plaça del Blanquer, 10. Inca
T 971 500 804

A very pleasant experience with this rice that expresses great delicacy and absolute detail. Of those with whom you have the palate traveling.